Born and raised in Berkeley, California, I enjoy a diversity of people, food, music, art and terrain. Thanks to my parents, I have always loved dancing and drawing.


I earned a Liberal Arts degree with a focus on the arts and humanities from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, where I completed four interdisciplinary undergraduate programs and advanced independent study in drawing and painting. My undergraduate education comprised a blend of cultural and social studies, critical analysis and writing, art history, and visual arts: drawing, painting, building installations, photography, digital media, audio/video production, post-production, and animation.


After graduating in 2008 I returned to the San Francisco Bay Area where I worked as a freelance designer, substitute teacher, antique textile restorationist, and junior designer at Goring & Straja Architects. I also managed the commercial property where my father once operated his architecture firm and cofounded Oxtail Studio & Gallery.


In 2015, after a year at Goring & Straja, I moved to Eugene, Oregon to pursue a graduate degree in architecture at the University of Oregon, whose architecture program had recently been ranked the country's top program for sustainable design. I received my Master of Architecture with a focus on Sustainable Technologies from UO in 2018, and I currently work as a designer and project manager at Rowell Brokaw Architects in Eugene.


In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, sewing, printmaking, dancing, yard work, camping, freshwater swimming, and meals with friends.