Master of Architecture (June 2015 - 2018) University of Oregon College of Design

Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Visual Arts (September 2004 - June 2008) Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

Designer, Rowell Brokaw Architects in Eugene, OR (September 2018 – present)

Design Assistant, FLOAT architectural research and design, llc (June 2017 – April 2018)

Graduate Research Fellow + Lab Assistant, U.O. Energy Studies in Buildings Lab (Dec 2015 - April 2018)

Junior Designer, Goring & Straja Architects in Berkeley, CA (June 2014 - June 2015)
Co-founder, Oxtail Studio & Gallery in Berkeley, CA (February 2013 - present)
Commercial Property Manager, Adeline Property in Berkeley, CA (Spring 2009 - June 2015)

Textile Restoration Specialist, Claremont Rug Company in Oakland, CA (June 2011 - June 2014)

Graphic Designer, freelance (June 2008 - present)
Designer, Fabricator, Owner, (June 2011 - 2013)
Substitute Teacher, Berkeley Unified School District (September 2009 - June 2011)


Dynamic Passive Heating and Cooling in the Adaptive Reuse of a San Francisco Bay Area Office Building (Rempel, Lim) published/presented at 2018 IBPC

TaskShade Prototype Development & Field Testing on UO Campus (Gilbert, Lappin, Lim (presenting), Swanson, Van Den Wymelenberg) published/presented at 2017 IES Conference


Donna V. Sundberg Scholarship in Architecture, Fall 2017

Graduate Research Fellowship, Winter 2015 - Spring 2017

Architecture Department General Scholarship, Fall 2015 - Spring 2018

Hand media: Strong hand drawing skills in pencil, ink, copics, paint

CAD/BIM: Fluent in AutoCAD, Sketchup, Rhino/Vray, Revit

Presentation: Fluent in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Office Suite
Film/Audio: Proficient in Final Cut Pro, Audacity

Strong writing and copy editing skills

Winter Group Show, Oxtail Studio & Gallery (December 2013, December 2014)
Solo Exhibition: Who Knows What, Oxtail Studio & Gallery (October 2013)

Invitee/Participant, Workshop for developing text for the "The Arts, Media, Design, and Architecture" section of the United Nations Initiative on Harmony with Nature (Prof. Erin Moore, Department of Architecture, University of Oregon) (June 2016)
Graphic Designer (various projects), Mahea Uchiyama Center for Int’l Dance, Berkeley (2000 - 2014) Children’s Dance Instructor, Mahea Uchiyama Center for Int’l Dance in Berkeley (2003-2004, 2011) Coordinator/Designer/Painter of Kitchen and Bakery Murals, Berkeley Tuolumne Camp (2008, 2010

Paris, France (2014) (2017, Dhillon Marty Foundation State of the Community Event, UNESCO)  O'ahu, Kaua’i, Hawai'i (2009, 2014, 2018, Ka 'Aha O Hālauaola World Hula Conferences)
Rome, Italy & Vienna, Austria (2012)
Slovenia (1995, 1998, 2012)
Oaxaca, Mexico (2003)
Tahiti (2002 Ori Tahiti dance exchange)


• Installation Fabrication Assistant, OUR: Collective Future Project, with Erin Moore/Kathleen Dean Moore for Dhillon Marty Foundation State of the Community event (2017)

• Oxtail Studio & Gallery

• Drought-tolerant landscape design, Berkeley, CA (2009)


• Graphic design, Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance (various projects, 2004 – 2013)


• Audio/Video editor, Katrina in Two Worlds, directed and produced by Kathy Kenny (2010)


• Organizer, Designer, Painter, Kitchen + Bakery murals at Berkeley Tuolumne Camp (2008, 2010)

• Graphic designer and Chalkboard artist, Bailey's on 65th (2009)


Dance/Polynesian dance, music, and language

Sewing, printmaking, drawing, painting
Fixing things and tinkering
Hiking, camping, and freshwater swimming

Sharing good food with good company